Who is Rev. Ike?

Rev. Frederick Eikerenkoetter, better known to millions as REV. IKE, “The Success and Prosperity Preacher,” has been Minister, Teacher, Motivator, Evangelist, Counselor, and Pastor to millions of people, for over 40 years.

Rev. Ike dared to go where most theologians, Bible teachers, and preachers would not. As an evangelist, on TV, radio, and at mass meetings, he had the “nerve” to PREACH “Prosperity NOW!” — long before it became popular to do so.

He was dismissed by some “mainstream” and “fundamentalist” people, but now many famous preachers, teachers and authors sound just like Rev. Ike — teaching prosperity!

Rev. Ike's Science of Living Ministry began with only a handful of faithful supporters. He taught these people how to get turned on to life.

He showed them how to BE, to DO, and to HAVE all the good that they desire through the Presence and Power of God, Infinite Good, within everyone.

Since then, Rev. Ike has become a Spiritual advisor to millions of people of all races and religions — and even to those with NO religion. He teaches that the Presence of God-in-you is your Unlimited Resource of Good.

Rev. Ike attracts people from all walks of life: ordinary people, the rich, the poor, the famous, movie stars, political figures, sports champions — even priests and rabbis!

These people have received Good Health, Healing, Joy, Love, Success, Prosperity, Good Fortune, and More Money through applying his teachings in their lives.

Rev. Ike transitioned in June, 2009, however his spirit and his teachings are alive and well on the internet. To watch his dynamic, life-changing videos on YouTube, click here.

Watch this wonderful tribute from Dr. Arthur Vergara as he speaks on Rev. Ike's influence and legacy:

Will the 'real' Rev Ike Please Stand UP!!

Rev. Ike has been one of the most misunderstood geniuses of the 20th Century. In the past, his message was often misrepresented by the media who sometimes ridiculed his flamboyant style and daring, unconventional teachings.

Today, Rev. Ike's true genius is undisputed, his teachings are accepted as universal truths, and he is acknowledged as a Master teacher, a mentor, and an inspiration by many famous motivational teachers and authors.

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'real' Rev Ike.

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