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Acknowledging the Gifts, Talents & Achievements of Our Youth

Sunday, June 26th, 12noon EST

With the school year coming to an end, we want to recognize all the achievements and accomplishments of our youth. We invite you to join us and others in supporting, encouraging and extending our love toward our children this upcoming Sunday, June 26 at 12:00pm EST at 4140 Broadway in NYC or via live stream here.

All parents and their children are invited and welcome! Parents, help us to know in advance what your child has excelled in and accomplished by speaking with Rev. Gerald Beckles or Sister Subrina Cruz or by calling 212-568-6700.

Following service at 2:00pm is our monthly community fellowship luncheon.

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United Palace House of Inspiration



United Palace House of Inspiration
In New York City

For those in the NYC area, we invite you to join us for our weekly community classes and neighborhood fellowship events, such as our Labyrinth Walk, Sisters' Circle of Self-Discovery, Drum Council, A Course in Miracles study group and Zen Meditation. Click here for our Neighborhood Fellowship events and here for our Community Circles and Classes.



Guest Speaker: Dr. Janine H. Burns
Sunday, July 3 at 12pm EST
4140 Broadway in NYC or watch on live stream here

Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind according to the strength and desire contained within the thought. So what are you thinking right now!? Learn how to Cancel, Clear, Delete! any disempowering negative thoughts and be inspired to replace them with positive, prosperous, constructive ones.

Dr. Burns is an Interfaith Minister and Director of the Guiding Light Foundation. The Guiding Light Foundation uses a non-judgmental approach to coaching and offer specific techniques and skills to help create a more rewarding, peaceful, productive and prosperous life experience. Dr. Burns is the host of SpiritualityRocksTv.com and specializes in celebration of life ceremonies.

Be sure to check out UPHI’s variety of weekly events, workshops and gatherings here, all of which are free, including our weekly study groups, such as A Course In Miracles and Science of Living (using Rev. Ike’s Study Guide). We also have free Zen Meditation and a Men’s Drum Council where men come together to support each other in their masculine journey. View our full schedule here.


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