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Expiration and Resurrection

Xavier Eikerenkoetter

Sunday, April 20, 2014
at 12:00noon EST

The word “expire” can mean to exhale, or it can mean to die. One of the great statements of expiration (dying words) comes from Jesus Christ as he suffered on the cross ready to breathe his last: “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit."

In uttering these words, Jesus released his spirit back to the Father, the Source, from which it came, and from which all human souls originate. This was a conscious death with a lesson for us all. Conscious expiration can be a part of an ongoing transformational life — because releasing all that we are allows our Spiritual Source to make us new and then resurrect us into a new form.

One of the great statements of resurrection (rebirth) by Christ is “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.” Invoking and employing the power of resurrection and renewal in our lives as an active agent allows us release old limitations, let them expire, and be reborn into more of who we truly are and are meant to be, even if we don’t yet fully know what that is or how it looks.

Tim McAfee-Lewis, the UPHI Inspirational Choir, our House Band and Praise Dancers are going to make this a memorable Easter Sunday celebration of rebirth, transformation, and resurrection.

And plan to join us the Sunday after Easter as we will continue this exploration of Ascendance and Transcendence.

A Science of Living Principle:
“Christ is the Presence of God-in-man – every man.” Chapter 15, of the Science of Living Study Guide by Rev. Ike.

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